Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About 7 Things That Attract African Men in 2017

What Do Men really Want? What Interests or attracts the men of nowadays? It may not be the same as last year, yet they might bring last year’s wants into this year, how ever the same burning question about what Attracts a Nigeria man in 2017 is still something to be considered, with that; at least you will need to know about it for you to catch their attention right?

According to relationship blogger, who is an expert in giving advice that had been successful, so in case you’ve been searching, these are the 7 characteristics in women that will make men run after you. In other words, 7 Things That Attract African men, consisting of both Nigerian, Ghanaian, South African, Tanzanian Men etc, in 2017.

1. A Lady with an above decent paying Job (at least 200 – 250k)

2. A lady with a foreign passport (Born in the US or UK) .

3. A lady who has MBA or Msc. Bsc almost doesn’t count anymore

4. A lady who has a car, some guys don’t want to pay for Uber and taxi fair anymore

5. lady who has her own place and doesn’t cramp his own personal space

6. lady whose parents have strong connections in Politics or Corporate world

7. A lady who contributes money to every date, outing, bills payment etc

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